Transforming data into information

The Yield is your partner in digital transformation. Leverage the power of our platform to put your data to work, and create insights that drive better commercial outcomes.

Better insights, better outcomes

Data is an infinite resource that can be applied to solve site, crop-specific and commercial challenges in agriculture. Blending data to uncover new information is now the next step in agri-food production, creating an opportunity for corporate growers to realise the potential of data from disparate systems and sources.

As experts in our field, The Yield has the knowledge, platform and data science capability to ask the right questions of your data. With our help you can uncover insights that help you realise better yield and commercial outcomes.

Solving your challenges

A custom machine intelligence and data analytics engagement with The Yield starts with a structured process conducted in collaboration with our team and your key stakeholders.
Possible outcomes include
Proof of concept dashboards that rapidly and cost effectively allow you to experiment in solving business challenges with data analytics.
Using blended data sets to solve challenges like pinpointing optimal activity windows for activities like spraying, nutrition, fertigation or harvesting.
Creating more accurate models for predicting yield quantity, quality and timing, and to help with price realisation.
New insights delivered using  data visualisation techniques.

How we create value

Core Product
  • Seamless IoT network
  • Secure encryption from point of collection
  • Best in class hardware
  • 7-day microclimate predictions
  • Capture and visualise scouting records
  • Shared view of information across on and offsite roles
  • Web portal and mobile app
  • Create custom notificationsComing soon