Make the right decisions, at the right time

Sensing+ is an end-to-end system for large-scale growing operations, combining sensors, data analytics and apps.

From 7-day predictions to historical reports, custom notifications to crop scouting, Sensing+ helps you make better decisions that impact crop wellbeing and yield.

Why Sensing+

Understand your microclimate

Managing microclimates is critical for irrigated crops. Make the right decisions by knowing what’s happening in your own backyard – today, for the next 7 days and as far back as Sensing+ has been installed.

Optimise resources

Optimise the farm inputs that impact your bottom line, from water and chemical application to labour, by viewing accurate insights like current and future water balance (ETo/ETc), rainfall, temperature, leaf wetness, wind behaviour and soil conditions.

Mitigate risk

Use 7-day predictions to prepare for an oncoming event, or set a custom notification for when conditions approach, reach or exceed a point you need to know about. This decision support is invaluable when you need to act fast, like stopping or starting an activity or protecting a crop from frost or disease.

Increase operational efficiency

Ensure multiple audiences see the same critical information, from irrigation managers to agronomists and spray contractors. Plan ahead using predictions or set group notifications for when a weather change means stopping or starting an activity.

How it works


Sensing+ seamlessly collects, encrypts and then sends your microclimate data to our cloud platform


Raw data is transformed into actionable insights, and sent to Sensing+ mobile and desktop apps

Features & Benefits

7-day predictions. Use 7-day predictions to take action or plan future activities. Predictions made at the GPS point of each sensor node, with data models retrained weekly for continuous improvement.

Current conditions. Manage schedules, make operational decisions and optimise resources using the growing conditions screen. Can be personalised with priority conditions you wish to see.

Historical data. Look back as far back as Sensing+ has recorded your microclimate data. Take time to review what happened in the past so you can plan your next move.

Water balance. Enter your crop type, growth stage and planting date, and Sensing+ will calculate your water balance based on daily rainfall and ETc in line with your growth stage.

Crop scouting. Keep track of any evidence of disease by using the scouting tool to drop a location pin, record the disease type, severity and percentage of block affected, and upload a photo.

Custom notifications. Easily set a custom notification to receive a message when conditions approach, reach or exceed a certain point. Includes group notifications.

Growth stage tracking. Set crop growth stages to auto progress and Sensing+ will keep growth stages moving to ensure an accurate water balance reading. Manually edit stages at any time.

Bosch-built hardware. Sensing+ sensor nodes and communications gateways are manufactured by world-class engineers, giving you confidence that other hardware simply can’t.

User-friendly apps. Access a mobile app on the go and a web portal for office work. Both apps allow you to easily visualise complex data sets and enjoy a shared view of information with staff and contractors.

Sensing+ for Mobile & Web

Sensing+ Mobile App

Designed for decision-makers on the go
  • Clean, simple layout - easy to see outside
  • Features include conditions for today, the next 7 and past 7 days, plus scouting and notifications
  • Easily toggle between different blocks or locations
  • iPhone and Android compatible

Sensing+ Web Portal

Primarily for site and operations managers and technical agronomists
  • Designed for use on desktop or laptop
  • Manage mobile app access for different roles
  • All features as per mobile app
  • Plus historical data view

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